Burgos Creative City of Gastronomy.UNESCO

Burgos Creative City of Gastronomy.UNESCO



Thanks to its geographical location and variety of climates and altitudes, the province of Burgos has a great abundance and diversity of products; from its agriculture, cattle farming and the traditions of hunting and fishing.

What´s more, Burgos has a recognised gastronomy that takes its name all over Spain.  Some of its well-known products are: morcilla (black pudding), cheese, el lechazo (roast suckling lamb), roast meats and the stews.  Such products attract more and more tourists to the city.

What is the Network of Creative Cities?

The Network of Creative Cities by UNESCO was created in 2004 to promote cooperation towards and among the cities which identify creativity as an important part of sustainable urban development. 

The 180 cities that belong to the Network work together towards a common goal: this is to put creativity and cultural industries at the centre of their local development plan and to cooperate actively internationally.

The Network gathers seven creative areas: crafts and popular arts, digital arts, cinema, design, gastronomy, literature and music.  

As a Creative City of Gastronomy, Burgos joined this network in 2015 thanks to a project based on the experimental study of the energy consumption of the human body in relation to a healthy diet.  

This study called “Motores Humanos” aims at showing locally and internationally the relationship between Human Evolution and gastronomy.

MORE INFORMATION IN THIS LINK :burgosgastronomycity.com

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