Eat and drink

Eat and drink


The city of Burgos is located on the North – South axis of Spain, which means the city has a varied gastronomic offer, including local products such as black pudding, the cheese of Burgos and sucking lamb, all made in a traditional Castilian way. You can also find dishes inspired by Basque and La Riojan cuisine such as cod and hake.

Tradition and innovation coexist peacefully in the different neighbourhoods of Burgos, from a MICHELIN star to the restaurant that reinvents burgers with local products, or the grills with suckling lamb and chefs who make stews in the old quarter, along with others who have preferred to move to more popular areas located in unique spaces where the locals enjoy drinking coffee at the same time as tasting miniature dishes of haute cuisine.

WINE TOURISM: A few kilometres from the city is where the wines of the D.O. Arlanza and the D.O. Ribera del Duero <span”>are produced. Red wine is more common but rosé wine is becoming more popular in the local restaurants and bars, essential at ‘vermouth hour’. This liquor, by the way, is also a wine based drink and has become fashionable in the area around the cathedral, in the streets of San Lorenzo and Sombrereria. Must-visits on a gastronomic tour of Burgos:

Gastronomic tour. Must-visit places in Burgos

1-Calle Sombrerería: In the past this was an area of craft workshops and tailors, of which we can still see traces.  Today it continues to be the most popular route to reach the Plaza Mayor. Various establishments offer a wide range of both traditional and cutting edge tapas and pinchos (snacks).

2 – Calle San Lorenzo/Calle Los Herreros: From the Plaza Mayor, access to this narrow street can be easily missed. However, if we fine tune our sense of smell, the aroma of the freshly cooked dishes and the hustle and bustle of the street lure us to join the party of Burgos cuisine.

3 – Calle Avellanos: We resume our route along this street which once led to Santiago de Compostela to continue our food tasting.  Pilgrims, tourists and locals share the lively terraces in this street in summer and the bars full of snacks any time of the year.

4 –Plaza de la Flora or Huerto del Rey, the name Flora is thanks to the sculpture of the goddess that decorates the fountain in the middle of the square. Different gastronomic and social events are held here, and for decades it has been the centre of entertainment for Burgos.  Surrounded by colourful facades and nineteenth century balconies, it also offers a unique view of the cathedral.

All of the establishments that meet the requirements established by the Law of Tourism of Castile and Leon 14/10 and its corresponding administrative decrees are found on this official list: RESTAURANTS link.