CRAFTS AND GASTRONOMY. Creative Industries

CRAFTS AND GASTRONOMY. Creative Industries


In the 21st century we enjoy a new and emerging cultural and creative industry. It is part of the culture of the territories, an intangible heritage to develop and a source of authentic products highly demanded by tourism in search of the economy of the experience.

Human beings direct their attention to intangible heritage such as culture, the different ways of life, creativity and other kinds of art that can be found in the place you live or visit

Cities like Burgos have a marked medieval urbanisation that has been maintained thanks to the guilds of producers and artisans that form part of a chain that materialises in an exceptional and unique piece of work.

In the city of Burgos, producers and consumers ensure the work of co-creation is maintained  that intends to keep the origin and quality of the original artisans.

These creative industries become the reserve of knowledge, tradition and memory that can materialise in an experience filled with unique pictures that form part of the history lived in the destination visited.  Products can be imitated and globalised, but native production offers a more comprehensive experience in the place where it is produced, made, discovered and explained.

With all this in mind, we want to highlight some companies that maintain this tradition in the surroundings of Burgos.

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BOTERIA DOMINGO (wineskin bottles)

The “Boteria Domingo los tres D.D.D.” dates back over a family history of 4 generations, it was in 1870 when we began to make the first wineskin bottles. Over the years, the hard work of tanning, fixing and manufacturing the skins and wine skins has been passed down to the three sons, Esteban, Luis and Valentin who mark their wineskins as “Los tres D.D.D” (the three D.D.Ds) because it is the initial of their surname. Nowadays, this brand is maintained because it is a seal of guarantee and prestige. With the same effort and hard work as their ancestors, today we continue making the wineskins which, as they always have done, will quench the thirst of the thirsty.



The cheese from “La Casona de los Pisones” is traditional. It is hand made exclusively with raw sheep’s milk. This comes from the livestock farms of the province of Burgos, that have been previously selected in accordance with the following criteria:

That they meet all of the hygienic and health requirements required by current legislation.

That they comply with the healthy diet criteria required by the “La Casona de los Pisones” brand.



“The artisan beer to discover”: Dolina artisan beer is inspired by the archaeological sites of Atapuerca in Burgos. It is the result of man’s desire to search for things and  the conviction that there is always something to be discovered.

Dolina beer has been designed to be a product which is “notably experiential and intuitive, like the real work of the archaeologist, in the search of something without the certainty of DISCOVERING anything”



We are a 3rd generation family company that has made quality crisps in the same traditional way since 1931, and on a small scale, rejecting industrial mass production. This means the product is handmade throughout the entire production process, with the resulting specialisation of the product. We carefully select the best raw materials, potatoes and salt from the province of Burgos throughout most of the year, and top grade high oleic sunflower oil, which makes this a quality product and makes us stand out from other companies.



“Vidrieras Barrio” stands out for its artistic education, mastery of fire painting on glass, knowledge of the traditional techniques and its contributions to the field of the conservation and preservation of historic stained-glass windows. The constant search for new forms of expression has enabled us to regenerate and introduce innovations in this artistic speciality. The work carried out in the cathedrals of Astorga, Burgos, Menorca and Orense, collaborations with other artists, architects and the stained-glass masters as well as the participation in national and international exhibitions all deserve special attention.



Sculptor from Burgos, author of many of the most important works carried out in the city in recent years. His works define the purity, the natural and the individuality that enable us to connect with what is deep inside us.