Gate of Santa Maria

Gate of Santa Maria

Gate of Santa Maria

Gate of Santa Maria

This impressive gate of the city is one of the most emblematic monuments of Burgos. The old medieval door was restored in the 16th century. On the outside we can see the statues of the emperor Charles V and some of the most famous figures of the history of this town, such as the judges of Castile, Laín Calvo and Nuño Rasura; Count Fernán González and Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid.

In the past it was used as the Town Hall and Provincial Museum. Nowadays it is a public open space that hosts many temporary exhibitions. You can also visit the “Sala de Poridad”, where you can see some objects linked to El Cid, including one of his bones, under a Mudejar coffered ceiling. From this room, you can access the towers and enjoy the view of the Paseo del Espolon and the Arlanzon river.

You can’t leave the gate without spending a few minutes admiring the impressive fresco that presides in the central room, painted by Burgos artist, Vela Zanetti.

Did you know… Climbing up the spiral staircase to the upper floor, you can find the Pharmacy Museum with pieces from the hospital of San Juan.


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