The Castle and the Lookout

The Castle and the Lookout

The Castle and the Lookout

The Castle and the Lookout

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The city of Burgos has its beginning at the castle, located on the top of a hill. In the year 884, the count Diego Porcelos founded the city. This emplacement was a surveillance point during the Reconquest.

The importance of the castle grew at the same time as the city was developing, even having a luxurious royal palace built inside it. It was especially important during the War of the Castilian Succession, in which supporters of Princess Juana la Beltraneja fought attacks over several months from troops defending Isabella of Castile’s throne.

After many centuries of abandonment and fires, in 1808, the castle was once again the centre of attention. It was transformed by the Napoleonic troops during the war of independence, adapting to modern artillery and new tactics of war. It played a crucial role when the British and Portuguese army, led by the Duke of Wellington, attacked the castle in 1812. The French troops put an end to their occupation in 1813 when they blew up the castle’s arsenal, reducing it to ruins.

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Did you know… Interestingly, the Castle maintains its medieval well, lined with perfectly preserved ashlar stones, and its mysterious spiral staircase reaching down almost 63 metres, in addition to a mysterious maze of tunnels that surprise all those who visit.

The Castle has become a silhouette, conjuring up the image the walls and towers it once had. The park surrounding it has transformed into a newly planted forest, turning it into a wonderful space for relaxation close to the city. The walls of the Castle and the nearby mirador offer fantastic panoramic views of Burgos and its Cathedral.


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