Teatro Principal

Teatro Principal

Teatro Principal

Teatro Principal

The Teatro Principal, a rectangular shaped Elizabethan style building, was inaugurated in 1858. In 1884 it was extended on its west facade by a semi-circular space called “Polisón” used as a concert hall for the “Salon de Recreo” Society.

It was closed in 1946 under threat of ruin. The renovation and reopening of the Teatro Principal in 1997 entailed the recovery of an essential place for the cultural activity of the city of Burgos.

Nowadays, The Teatro Principal has a great quality and stable programme which has enabled it to quickly become one of the most important settings of the cultural circuit in Castile and León and of Spain.

This building houses:

– Teatro Principal (Theatre)

– Exhibition room

– Municipal library

– Sala Polisón (conference room)

– Salón Rojo (reception room)

– Meeting rooms

– Offices of the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism

– House of “Gigantillos”

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