Where to stay

Where to stay

In the city of Burgos you can find a wide variety of hotel and non-hotel accommodation.

The quality and services offered by these establishments is varied, including accommodation that preserves parts of historic buildings where you can enjoy breakfast in a Gothic cloister, and others with heated swimming pools or incredible views of the cathedral.

Burgos also has an excellent campsite, ‘hostels’ and youth hostels as well as the latest addition to this regulated offer, Holiday Homes which are covered by the latest legal regulations.

Here we discover the characteristics so that when it comes to choosing, you can find the accommodation to best suit your needs:

Hotel establishments

Hotel, understanding this to mean those establishments whose premises constitute a homogenous entity with entrances and, if applicable, staircases and lifts of exclusive use.

Apartment – hotel, understanding this to mean establishments that have appropriate facilities for the preservation, preparation and consumption of food and drink within each unit of accommodation.

Motel, understanding this to mean establishments situated less than 500 metres from the road link, providing accommodation in rooms with separate entrances and which has a garage or open carpark with enough spaces for each unit of accommodation.

Hostel, understanding this to mean establishments which meet the requirements in terms of dimensions, structure, characteristics of the establishment or services that don’t reach the standard required for hotels.

Pension (Guest house) understanding these establishments as those that meet the requirements regarding dimensions, structure, characteristics of the establishment or services which do not reach the standard required for hostels.

Tourist apartments are establishments made up of blocks or groups of flats, houses, bungalows, chalets or similar which offer tourist accommodation and publicise themselves as such, whenever their use is assigned with furniture, facilities, services and equipment, in conditions that enable them to be occupied immediately, complying with the regulatory requirements.

Establishments with accommodation for Camping

Campsites are tourist establishments located in a defined area, provided with facilities and services aimed at facilitating temporary accommodation in tents, trailers, caravans or any other easily transportable item, as well as in wooden cabins and inhabitable spaces such as mobile homes or bungalows, and which meet the regulatory requirements.

Establishments that provide accommodation in tourist youth hostels are establishments that provide the general public with dormitory type rooms of multiple capacity, with or without other maintenance services, being able to offer leisure activities, education or nature activities.

Youth hostels can be classified as follows:

Tourist youth hostels, understanding these as establishments that meet the requirements established by law and laws regarding the facilities and services provided.

Tourist hostels of the Camino de Santiago, understanding these to mean establishments that meet the regulatory requirements regarding facilities and services and that are located in the towns along the Camino de Santiago of the Community of Castile and Leon and in which guests stay for only one night, unless in exceptional circumstances of illness, or force majeure, whenever the owner opts for this classification.

Establishments providing accommodation in holiday homes 

Holiday homes include flats, houses, bungalows, chalets or other comparable properties, furnished and equipped for immediate use, which are advertised or promoted in tourism channels to be provided temporarily and in their entirety to third parties, on a regular basis, for the purpose of tourist accommodation and in exchange for monetary compensation.

All the establishments that comply with the requirements of the law “Ley de Turismo de Castilla y León 14/2010” and its corresponding decrees can be found in this list: View Link