Image Sports teams from Burgos

Sports teams from Burgos

San Pablo Inmobiliaria Burgos. Miraflores Basketball Club Burgos BH (Cycling) Burgos Football Club UBU-Colina Clinic. Club Deportivo Aparejadores...


Paseo lineal del Vena

This beautiful green path runs along one of the main river arteries of Burgos, the river Vena, from the neighbourhood of Villimar to the river...


Paseo de la Quinta

Paseo de la Quinta is one of the favourite promenades of the inhabitants of Burgos, to go for a walk or to ride a bike.

Image Paseo de la Isla

Paseo de la Isla

Of the many and varied green spaces in the city, Paseo de la Isla is one of the most important parks because of its variety of botanical species...


Parque del Parral

This park-promenade, covering more than 11 hectares, is another natural attraction of Burgos. It is located between the Monastery of las Huelgas...

Image Green Belt

Green Belt

The city of Burgos surprises visitors due to the size of the natural spaces on its urban land and the large green belt surrounding it.


Fuentes Blancas

Parque de Fuentes Blancas is located on the east side of the city, on the bank of the river Arlanzón. It is 6 km away from the city centre, one and...

Image Banks of the Arlanzón

Banks of the Arlanzón

Burgos can boast of having a large number of gardens and walks around an indisputable and omnipresent protagonist in the urban geography: the river...