Image Marzas


Durante la última noche de febrero y primera de marzo tienen lugar las coplas conocidas con el nombre de “marzas”, unos cantos populares petitorios...


Forum Evolución. Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio

Forum Evolución is a modern space that brings together culture and knowledge in a city that is committed to creativity and innovation. It is a...


Teatro Principal

The Teatro Principal, a rectangular shaped Elizabethan style building, was inaugurated in 1858. In 1884 it was extended on its west facade by a...

Image Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos. CAB

Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos. CAB

El Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB abrió sus puertas en noviembre de 2003, en una ciudad con un pasado histórico importante y sin apenas...


Sala Andén 56

Music has found a space in Burgos, in the old engine depot, situated next to the station. “Sala Andén 56” is a unique space in Castile and León....


Centro Cultural Francisco de Salinas-Teatro Clunia

The Francisco Salinas Cultural Centre is located in the old ‘Alhóndiga Municipal’ which was built in 1514 as a corn exchange for the city. In 1853...

Image Easter


Easter in Burgos was designated National Touristic Interest in 2013. During this celebration, 16 brotherhoods and sororities carry 22 scenes of...

Image Festivals of San Pedro and San Pablo

Festivals of San Pedro and San Pablo

The main festivals take place around the 29th of June, the day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. They are also known as “los sampedros” and the most...

Image Festival of San Lesmes

Festival of San Lesmes

San Lesmes is, along with Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the patron saint of the city. The celebration takes place on the last Sunday in January.

Image Festival of Curpillos

Festival of Curpillos

The origins of the tradition of the “Curpillos” in Burgos date back to the victory of King Alfonso VIII in the battle of “Las Navas de Tolosa” on...

Image Noche Blanca / White Night

Noche Blanca / White Night

La Noche Blanca (white night) is a free cultural celebration which is open to everyone; it takes place in several public spaces both open and closed.


Fiesta de las Flores

Every May since 2012, the city centre has been filled with thousands of flowers. Every year the main monuments of the city are decorated with...