Image Rodri y el Cid

Rodri y el Cid

Descubre los pasos del Cid en la ciudad con el folleto «Rodri y el Cid».

Image House of the Gigantillos

House of the Gigantillos

Halfway between the Cathedral and the Human Evolution Museum, inside the Teatro Principal (theatre), we find the house of the “Gigantillos”, some...

Image Castle and Parque de Cuerdas

Castle and Parque de Cuerdas

The visit to the castle and its surroundings doesn’t just mean a trip to the origins of the city but a first-rate cultural experience. It goes from...

Image Musée de l’Évolution Humaine

Musée de l’Évolution Humaine

The Human Evolution Museum, besides being a place of reference in terms of human evolution, is aimed at all audiences who want to know more about...

Image Burgos and el Cid

Burgos and el Cid

The historical figure of El Cid was born around 1048 in the nearby village of Vivar. During his youth, he forged a friendship with the future King...


Yacimientos de Atapuerca y CAREX

At a mere 15 kms of the city of Burgos lies the Archaeological Site of Atapuerca. This archaeological treasure has shed new light on our ” family...


Parque de Fuentes Blancas

Parque de Fuentes Blancas is located on the east side of the city, on the bank of the river Arlanzón. It is 6 km away from the city centre, one and...


Parque de la Isla

Of the many and varied green spaces in the city, Paseo de la Isla is one of the most important parks because of its variety of botanical species...